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Long-Term Results of Pulmonary Vein Isolation Plus Modified Posterior Wall Debulking Utilizing High-Power Short-Duration Strategy: An All-Comers Study in Real World


Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Cyprus International University, Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Anatol J Cardiol 2022; 26: 485-491
DOI: 10.5152/AnatolJCardiol.2022.1631
Read: 218 Downloads: 51 Published: 31 May 2022

Background: High-power short-duration radiofrequency ablation has improved lesion durability in pulmonary vein isolation. In this study, we investigate long-term clinical out-comes of high-power short-duration pulmonary vein isolation and posterior wall debulk- ing as an initial treatment modality in all corner atrial fibrillation patients.

Methods: This is a single-center, retrospective, observational study including all patients who have undergone high-power short-duration pulmonary vein and posterior wall deb-ulking, regardless of atrial fibrillation type and/or duration. High-power short-duration power delivery protocol was defined as 45 W at all ablation sites. Clinical and electrocar-diographic follow-up were performed in all patients.

Results: One hundred forty-two patients were enrolled in this study. Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation was present in 88 (62%) of patients. The mean follow-up of this study was 36.9 months ± 12.2 months. During the follow-up period, 10 patients (11.4%) with a diag- nosis of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation had recurrence, while recurrence in patients with persistent and long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation was slightly higher (15 patients (28.1%) and 5 patients (50%), respectively). No major life-threatening complicationsoccurred.

Conclusion: This study has demonstrated excellent arrhythmia-free outcomes in unselected, real world atrial fibrillation patients undergoing high-power short-duration pulmonary vein and debulking posterior wall isolations, however larger randomized trials are warranted.

Cite this article as: Candemir B, Baskovski E, Beton O, et al. Long-term results of pulmonary vein isolation plus modified posterior wall debulking utilizing high-power short-duration strategy: an all-comers study in real world. Anatol J Cardiol. 2022;26(6):485-491.

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