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Surgical Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Injuries After Cardiac Catheterization [Anatol J Cardiol]
Anatol J Cardiol. 2003; 3(3): 216-220

Surgical Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Injuries After Cardiac Catheterization

Vedat Erentuğ1, Nilgün U. Bozbuğa1, Hasan Basri Erdoğan1, Kaan Kırali1, Esat Akıncı2, Cevat Yakut2
1Koşuyolu Kalp Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, İstanbul
2Koşuyolu Kalp Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi Kalp ve Damar Cerrahisi Kliniği, İstanbul

Objective: Diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac interventions have being performed in expanding numbers during last years. Forty-two cases with peripheral vascular injuries requiring surgical therapy after 64.911 cardiac interventions in our center between 1985 and 2002 were evaluated retrospectively. Methods: Thirty-three of vascular injuries (78.6%) occurred after angiography/catheterization, and the remaining vascular injuries (21.4%) occurred after angioplasty/stent procedures. There were 12 female (28.6%) and 30 male (71.4%). The mean age was 51.3±4.1 years. The localization of the arterial injuries were femoral region in 37 cases (88.1%) and brachial region in 5 cases (11.9%). The complications were recorded as arterial thrombosis in 19 cases, pseudoaneurysm in 14 cases, hematoma in 5 cases, arteriovenous fistula in 2 cases, deformed stent stuck in 2 cases. Arterial injuries were treated by performing embolectomy in 16 cases, embolectomy and saphenous patch plasty in 3 cases, resection of pseudoaneurysm and PTFE patch plasty in 1 case, draining of hematoma and primary repair in 5 cases, primary repair of femoral arteriovenous fistula in 2 cases and removal of the deformed stent from femoral artery in 2 cases. Results: The incidence of vascular complications was significantly higher in brachial interventions when compaired with femoral interventions (p<0.0001). The postoperative morbidity was found as 14.3% in our cases. Conclusion: The early diagnosis and treatment are very important in peripheral vascular complications after cardiac interventions; otherwise, delay can cause loss of related extremity

Keywords: Periferik vasküler yaralanma, kardiyak kateterizasyon, iyatrojenik arteriyel yaralanma

Vedat Erentuğ, Nilgün U. Bozbuğa, Hasan Basri Erdoğan, Kaan Kırali, Esat Akıncı, Cevat Yakut. Surgical Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Injuries After Cardiac Catheterization. Anatol J Cardiol. 2003; 3(3): 216-220
Manuscript Language: English

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